Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Nikon D7000 Film Simulation

Below are an example of Nikon Picture Control- Film Simulation. I do not know where these originated and I take no credit for making them. That said, I think they are pretty neat and can give your pictures a bit of creative pop or to improve the Nikon out of camera jpegs. I've used these on my Nikon D7000 but they should work on other models like the  D5100, D600 or better.

They are very easy to install on your camera and can be further customized to your tastes. 
  • They are not permanent.
  • They will not damage your camera.

Nikon D7000 Film Simulation

To install-
  1. Download this file
  2. Unzip and copy the contents to a camera formatted SD card. If done correctly you'll have the following files on your card-
                 DCIM (Folder)
                 NIKON (Folder)
                       - CUSTOMPC (Folder)
                                  PICCONXX.NCP  (15 Picture Control Files)
  3. Insert the card into your camera if needed.
  4. On the camera navigate to Menu- SHOOTING MENU- Manage Picture Control- Load/save- Copy to camera and follow the prompts for each film simulation you like to install. 
  5. If you did it correctly you will be able to select your new film mode though-  Menu- SHOOTING MENU- Set Picture Control. 
  6. If adjustment or customization is required follow the prompts in the Set Picture Control Menu. Alternately, Picture Controls can be edited in the Nikon Picture Control Utility desktop application. This software came with your camera. 
Most importantly HAVE FUN! 

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