Monday, March 23, 2015

A cure for the D7200 G.A.S.

I dragged my Nikon D610 plus little 50mm out to see if I could cure my D7200 G.A.S. We weren't going out to make portraits. This was just a woods walk so heavier lenses, lights and reflectors were left at home. Normally I only bring my iPhone or Galaxy Note on outings like this.

I'm always pleased with how this combo performs. It doesn't quite obliterate the backgrounds like the 85 and 135 do. It's an older optical design and IMO the backgrounds are rendered with a little less contrast than the new G lenses. I feel it's a tiny bit better for complicated scenes like this. 

Amazing a FX sensor plus a little 50mm can produce this much subject isolation. I can do the same thing with DX and MFT but I'd need the 85mm f1.8 for DX and maybe a 60mm f2.8 or 42.5 f1.2 for Micro Four Thirds. 

Sharp as a thumbnail scratch ^^^^

I wasn't looking to make a case against the D7200, I just needed to confirm that I still loved the output from my D610.

*Framing isn't very creative but I left images uncropped to demonstrate background rendering. I typically shoot loose like this, I feel it gives me a little more flexibility in printing later. 

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