Thursday, March 12, 2015

D7000 Hacked Video Firmware

Improved video quaility or longer recording times are possible with a hacked firmware.

The two linked pages below will get you started-

Wiki (how to)-
Patching Program (requires Silverlight not a virus)-

*Remember to download the proper firmware version from Nikon.
*It is possible to return your camera to stock by flashing the most current OEM firmware.

I selected to Remove Time Based Restrictions and the HQ 64mbps mode.

Here's a screenshot from Bitrate Viewer that shows D7000 footage peaking at 67mbps!

After the firmware update the following recording options are available. Please note all times are approximate.

720/24 NQ (5 mbps)- 59 minutes

720/24 HQ (8 mbps)- 42 minutes

720/30 HQ (10 mbps)- 39 minutes

1080/24 NQ (20 mbps)- 24 minutes

1080/24 HQ (64 mbps)- 8.5 minutes

Check back for 64mbps sample footage.

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